Reel Rebels Radio

Great news!

Joelle Taylor and the SLAMbassadors will be curating and featuring on a new weekly spoken word radio show #FREESTYLE FRIDAYS on Reel Rebels Radio, from 6-10pm each Friday until the end of time.

The show will be anchored by Joelle along with Kayo Chingonyi and will highlight spoken word across the UK, with a special emphasis placed on emerging poets and rappers such as NAGA, PACE, Jamal Msbele, BaddaBoomTee, Kareem Parkins Brown, Megan Beech, Charlotte Higgins, Ollie O’Neill and sooooo many more.

As well as live gigs and freestyles they will be interviewing artists and giving a shout out to every poet and spoken word club night in the UK that they can think of. It’s a four hour show allowing plenty of room for freedom of thought, artistic expression, live jamming and verbal CHAOS – some of which will rhyme and some of which will not.

Tune in and change the world.

Send your ideas to:

@jtaylortrash or freestylefridays


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