The Space Between Words

This page is an empty space. I can come here when the other parts of my writing become too loud.

Through out my career the space between words has been on equal importance to the words themselves. There is poetry in the silence. The greatest books are written in invisible ink.

This page is dedicated to a new project I am undertaking The Space Between Words: a one woman physical theatre/ spoken word piece I will be developing throughput 2015 with the aim of touring nationally in 2016. It is the story of the young people I have worked alongside since the start of SLAMbassadors UK in 2002. The hardest decision will be which stories to leave out, or which life lines need to be woven together to create a new character. Do I tell the story of the asylum seeker from DR Congo? Or the girl who hasn’t yet spoken? Is it the boy whose smile is crack in the wall? Or maybe the girl who has re-written her skin  with glass nibs? Is it the boy in the corner who grew up to become the whole room?

The Space Between Words will be the story of people learning to speak, of voices returned to the silenced. It is about learning to write, and the transformative power of spoken word.

Whichever characters make themselves suits from my pages, I hope that I manage to tell some of the truths.


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