‘Joelle observes the realities of modern-day life, pinpoints the absurdities and the injustices, and then reminds us that we are human, and that sometimes the best way to make sense of it all is through poetry. The thing I have always liked about Joelle’s poetry is that it has guts, it has rhythm, and it has attitude. The thing I like about this collection is that it continues that tradition.

In these times of austerity, hypocrisy, political corruption, and mindless reality television, we need poetry like this. Joelle Taylor does not mess about. Her poetry is fearless. it gets right to the point. Her poetry has purpose.’ Benjamin Zephaniah

‘A city gritty heart beaten tattoo’ John Hegley

‘Joelle Taylor continues to propel in not only innovative but in very crucial ways. her work launches it self from a world that has been lived in a thousand hapless times, managing to unearth within the reader the deepest sense of tragedy, love and hope. As a troubled and frighteningly reserved seventeen year old boy she was the first person who gave me permission to be myself. The vital work she stared all those years ago and continues to accomplish with SLAMbassadors, combined with her unmitigated love and concern for young people, will undoubtedly cement her in the hearts of many writers to come. For people such as myself she will always be a hero, for others I can be sure she lives as a silent saviour and an exceptional rarity.’ Anthony Anaxagorou

‘Joelle Taylor’s a shape-shifter, myth maker, linguistic risk taker; poetical activist, surrealist with a raised fist. She knows how to handle a pen. Razor sharp, tattooed or AWOL, her women are the best dressed men. Her material – fractured glass and human skin; the effect – a maze, a mosaic, a hall of mirrors. She redefines the dispossessed, the caged in and gives them a way out.’ Patience Agbabi

‘The title misleads us, as these are the tumultuously heart-rending words of a woman who is actually very much here, there, and everywhere. Joelle Taylor has written an epic collection of raw emotion distilled into a distinctly unique style of language. Put this in your bag, on your tongue, in your chest.’ Sabrina Mahfouz


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